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Folks, just a random survey.  Belfast City released a survey stating that most people preferred to fly from Belfast City rather than the International.  In talking to my friends/colleagues it would appear that most actually prefer to fly from the International.  Therefore, I am asking to you forget about 'spotting' or any other aviation interest.  Purely from the 'normal' passenger perspective, considering airport facilities/comfort, etc, etc, what airport would you prefer to fly from?  (Assuming flight times/costs/etc are all equal).  Cheers!

I would rather fly from the city airport, I find the International a bit too far out for convenience. I also find security to be more relaxed in the City airport.

In saying that, the services to and from the city are horrible. Taxi drivers add another 2 onto the fee for the city airport and it cost us 10 each way from Stranmillis road were as the bus to the International was (not sure of price now) only 7.

Though for me the main reason would be Aer Lingus flying from the city direct to London Heathrow. No flight from the International goes right into Heathrow, instead its Gatwick, Luton or Standsted which is a pain to get into the centre of London from. Were as going from the City to Heathrow, jump on the tube and be in London 20 minutes later is very convenient.

City for me, just much more convenient; easy to reach on bus or train ( or bike ) or I can often cadge a lift with someone as it lies beside a main commuting route.

If all else fails I can hike home from it!  It has been done...

Aldergrove is so isolated that it feels like being trapped in Dublin.

City every time.

International, I live in the Glens of Gormley, so either Airport would be easy for me to get to, I just prefer the International (although not it's food court or shopping mall). I believe it better over all if all flights used the International and City closed! :LOL


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