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Where are you going in 2019

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Where is everyone heading in 2019 for their airshows. I already have booked

Duxford Air Festival (May) - Saturday and Sunday - Hotel's booked, flights booked but tickets not out yet
Newcastle in June
RIAT Saturday (Grandstand) Sunday (Pimms)
Duxford Battle of Britain September show (not booked yet, but will in next couple of weeks)

As every year, after RIAT we said "that's the last RIAT for us".  And then panic-booked RIAT again...

So RIAT week sandwiched between the Loop.

Other than that, the big Duxford D-Day fly-out in early June has over 40 Dakotas booked so that might be worth a daytrip.

Will probably skip the local beach-shows again and do the wee fly-ins instead.

I'll be in Caen in June for the Daks amongst other things, nothing else planned yet. 

Angry Turnip:
I don`t think I will bother with the local shows,I would like to go over to Coningsby for a gawp at the BBMF and Typhoons,during the summer.

Anyone been to the mach loop in wales?


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