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Newcastle Festival of Flight 2020 - cancelled

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Some of you knew this a few months ago but it looks like it's approved now and is out in public with the release of council agenda/minutes on their website.

Passed full council approval earlier this month after passing the ERT committee in November.

Will be staying in June, Rick Peacock-Edwards should be re-appointed Flight Director of the show as the Flight Director appointment extension  was part of the December ERT meeting.

Budget has been increased and brought in line with the biggest festival of NMD Council, St Patrick's day.

Looking to expand the show, telling the story of Harry Ferguson and the importance of Collins Aerospace by 'increasing the scale of the event'.

Looking to introduce a STEM element. 2018 was very successful in this area in my opinion so I hope this goes ahead.


Date confirmed as 20th June this morning via press release to local papers.

Covid 19 statement put out on my 'unofficial' FB page which was approved by organisers today before posting.

--- Quote ---As it stands the organisers are still planning for the 2020 Newcastle Festival of Flight on 20th June this year. However, they are closely monitoring the Covid-19 situation and any changes to the status of the show could be made nearer to the time based on government information or direction as well as the status of the virus in the UK and Ireland come June.

Any changes to the status of the show will be reported ASAP on Visit Mourne Mountains and Newry, Mourne and Down District Council
--- End quote ---



Angry Turnip:
Ah well, no great surprise really under the circumstances.


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