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RIAT 2020 cancelled


Not much of a surprise given circumstances:


They're working on the refund policy; will probably be a choice between money back or rebook to 2021.

I will probably take the re-book for 2021.

Sad, but unavoidable decision. Duxford in May is cancelled and I can see Cosford cancelling soon.

I don't think we will see an airshow in 2020.

Refund requests have gone live today. You have a week to claim refund. If you wish to roll over ticket to 2021 then you don't have to do anything. This includes Public grandstand seats that have been pre-booked & FRIAT bookings.


Pretty happy to let mine roll over. Hotel in Bristol were allowing me to take a full price voucher so will use it for 2021. I had top row public grandstand tickets, right above the isle, so I have a bit extra leg room to stretch out with no seats in front of me :D

Will probably add a Friday ticket onto 2021 now since I don't have to re-book.



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