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Flying Legends to leave Duxford.

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Announced this morning that Flying Legends will no longer take place at IWM


Angry Turnip:
Could be that outside pressure has played a large part in this, traffic problems and safety with the M11 running along one end of the airfield have likely been involved.
Basically the shows have outgrown the airfield.

Perhaps former RAF Bentwaters would make a good new venue for the show. :-\

A lot of talk saying it might be due Flying Legends being a Fighter collection airshow based at Duxford, and not a Duxford airshow in itself. A lot of the revenue from tickets etc goes to TFC and not IWM directly. So the speculation is cut it out and stage their own show in July.

I found Duxford the easiest show to get to, so hopefully where-ever Legends ends up is as easily accessible.


An interesting, but confusing tweet from an IWM Duxford curator tonight.

--- Quote ---Yes Flying Legends is popular among a certain audience, but for a number of years it has been out performed by shows with less niche appeal. Duxford has always been a war museum first, aviation museum second, and IMO Legends' programme has become removed from its warbird origins

--- End quote ---

Hopefully a new venue about to be announced  :D


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