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Portrush Airshow return in 2022

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Some of you already knew, but I kept it off the boards as it was not official. But last night Causeway coast and Glenns council voted to reinstate the Portrush Airshow from 2022 and run in every 2 years. It will now be known as the ' International Causeway Airshow'


RAF Red Arrows (Saturday Only)
RAF BBMF Lancaster, Spitfire & Hurricane (Saturday only )
RAF Typhoon
RAF Tutor


Dates are looking to be September 10th & 11th

Show is looking to move from East Strand to between Portrush and Portstewart due to new CAA regulations forcing jets further out on the East stand.

Applications have been made for

Red Arrows, BBMF & Typhoon
Ultimate fighters
Swedish Air Force Historic Flight - Viggen, Draken and Lansen.
Swiss PC7
Foreign & UK based civilian jet teams.


Andy H:
Shame they can't get the f35.

By the sounds of it, they will be using the pits at the nw200.

I was hoping with the gap that they would bring something different, guess it's much of the same in previous years.

F35 would be good, however there is no F35 option on the 2022 display application form.

Reds, Typhoon, BBMF, Tutor & Falcons are the only ones on the application for displays. Chinook is on the JHC application and not the RAF one.

I do think there would be quite a bit of different displays there if they get those listed. Viggen hasn't been seen since 2015. Drakken & Lansen haven't been. Ultimate Fighters would be a cracking addition with 4 warbirds & the PC7 team haven't been before I don't think.

Angry Turnip:
I always thought that display line would have been the best overall, but I can imagine the cries of " Get Off Those Rocks " .  :(

Not sure how much actual space there would be in that area due to the road, but it could work I suppose. Last time I saw a Draken was at Ards, many moons ago.


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