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Poll: 2021 Display Typhoon Paint Scheme


Folks, with the new paint scheme for the Typhoon unveiled on Friday, I thought I'd run a poll to see what everyone's thoughts are.
Personally, I'm not sold on it. GINA was both a better scheme and more suited to the aircraft.
This scheme seems to be less about the RAF and more about 'Global Britain'  >:(

Im sorry but it just looks absolutely tacky. At that rate i wouldnt be surprised the pilots flight suit is one big union jack . If any thing the scheme would be more suited to the reds as they are a training/display aircraft in the RAF were as tr typhoon is a front line aircraft.

Late to this one but I like it. I think GINA will be hard to ever beat though. I think there’s a lot of furore over this livery and I don’t remember the same when the special livery Union flag was put on the Reds, the Hawk display aircraft and the Chinook. I think had this livery been released a few years earlier it wouldn’t have raised an eyelid but is a victim of the times.

I really like it too. But you're right, GINA is the best paint scheme they have had.

Chinook got a bit of fan fare with its tail scheme but when the Reds changed to Union flag tail it was overshadowed by their 50th anniversary back in 2014. Thy moved to the half flag, which they still have from 2015.

I think it's supposed to 'match' the Vespina A330, which I think looks like something out of a cartoon.


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