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EGAD Residents List
« on: February 18, 2018, 03:19:47 PM »
2022-08-12 v42: Added D-EBZR

Latest updates marked with asterisk                                                

   Current 90 aircraft                                       
         Type      Registration      Location      Comments   
         AP22      G-CWTD      W         
         AP22      G-REGZ      E      Arr 2021-10-10, on tundra tyres
         AP32      G-ILMC      W      Arr 2022-06-18
         Blade      G-BYRR      E      In black hangar as of 2022-06-02   
         Blade      G-BZRW      E         
         Blade      G-MZIT      E         
         Blade      G-RIKI    E      Present as of 2022-06-02   
         C152      G-UFCN      E      Club   
         C152      G-UFCP      E      Club, arr 2018-10-30 from EGTU. Re-reg from G-PTTB 2020-03-18   
         C172      G-UFCE      E      Club   
         C172      G-UFCG      E      Club   
         C172      G-UFCI      E      Club   
         C42      G-CCCT      ?      Arr early 2022   
         C42      G-SFAR      E      Arr 2018-02-09   
         Chaser      G-MWXZ      E         
         COLIBRI      G-BXVS      E         
         COY2      G-BZKO      E      Damaged in forced landing at EGAD 2017-03-23, airframe removed to England. Returned 2018-07-09 following repairs   
         COY2      G-MWIF      E      Arr 2020-01   
         COY2      G-CITH      E      Arr 2018-03-25 from Carrickmore   
         D11      G-BIWN      E      Arr late 2018-02   
         D6CR      G-AWSN      E         
         DHC1      G-BFDC      E         
         EV97      G-JBAV      E      Arr 2019-05-07, replaced G-CENB   
         EV97      G-CESV      W         
         Flash      G-MNIF      ?      Arr prior to Aug 2019, now reg in Cavan    
         Flash      G-MVMX      E         
         Flash      G-MWYG      E         
         Flash      G-MYSJ      E         
         FOX      G-RWSS      E         
         HN70      G-BZOI      E         
         JABI      G-BZHR      E      Arr ( by road? ) 2020-10-30   
         JABI      G-CBJM      E         
         JABI      G-CCEL      E         
         JABI      G-CNAB      W         
         JABI      G-PHYS      E      Arr 2019-05-01, replaced G-BIAY   
         Luton-Minor      G-BANF      E         
         MiniMax      G-CJVD      E      Complete 2018-10-15 other than engine   
         Mistral      G-MWIB      E         
         NIPR      G-AVKK      E      Change of ownership but remaining at EGAD   
   *      PA18      D-EBZR      W      Arr 2022-08-06, all over yellow US Army livery   
         P28A      G-BNXU      E         
           P46T       2-DITO      W      Arr 2021-03-03. Replaced N642P?   
       PUP      EI-ATJ      E      Arr 2020-09.  To EISG 2021-04-22. Back as of 2022-06-02, EI-reg painted-out
         Pegasus      G-MWYZ      E      In hangar as of 2022-06-02   
         PNR2      G-CGMW      E         
         PNR3      G-IDUL      W      Arr 2021-04-03 as EI-DUL, rereg   2022-02-05
         PZ04      LY-AWV      E         
         Quantum      G-MZEM      E         
         Quantum      G-OLFB      W         
         Quik      G-CFXX      ?         
         Quik      G-WBLY      E         
         R22      G-LHCB      E      Helipower   
         R22      G-SPOK      E      Arr 2022-07-21.  Helipower. Formerly resident as G-BOCN   
         R44      G-HWKS      E      Sold but remaining at EGAD. Struck powerline near Killinchy 2019-02-26.  Roaded to EGAD and stored. Repaired and flew again 2019-10-25   
         Rapier      G-MZIM      E      Damaged upon landing-short rw 15 grass 2019-05-16, to be repaired?   
         RV6      G-RVNI      W         
         RV7      G-CEID      W         
         RV7      G-CEIG      W         
         RV7      G-CKTX      W      First flight 2019-11-18   
         RV7      G-CMON      E      Present 2018-10-29, was built in Comber.  First flight 2018-12-27   
         RV7      G-PYPE      W         
         RV8      G-GGRV      E      Unfinished   
         RV8      G-JRVB      E         
         RV8      G-NFON      E         
         RV8      G-WIKD      E         
         RV8      N212DJ      W      Arr 2022-06-12   
         RV9      G-CFHI      W      Arr 2022-04-27   
         SKRA      G-CCDG      E         
         SKRA      G-CEZE      E      Arr 2020-09-05   
         Thruster      G-CBDC      E      Arr by road 2018-02-18   
         Thruster      G-CBXG      W         
         Thruster      G-CGFZ      W         
         Thruster      G-EVEY      W         
         Thruster      G-RAFH      W      Arr 2019-10-21, forced landing Carrickfergus 2020-08-08, ran off apron 2021-02-25, repaired again   
         TL20      G-CGLZ      W         
         VEZE      G-KENZ      W         
         VEZE      G-IEZE      W      Arr 2020-12-22 as G-RAEM   
         XAir      G-CBDO      E         
         XAir-Hawk      G-CFJL      E      Away for overhaul 2018-04-09, returned 2018-07-21   
         XAir-Hawk      G-LMCB      W      Arr 2020-10-18, in Helipower hangar   
         XT912      G-CDRD      W         
         XT912      G-CFNI      W         
         XT912      EI-GVE      E      Present as of 2022-06-02   

         Type      Registration      Location      Comments   
         AA5      G-BIAY      E      Dep 2019-03-23   
         AA5      G-BGVV      W      Arr 2020-01-30, dep 2021-05-26 to EGTO
         AP32      G-ENVV      W      In UFC hangar as of 2019-09-02, then moved to Cadet hangar. Destroyed in fatal crash at EGAD 2022-07-19   
         AX2000      G-STRG      E      Sold mid-2018, now possibly at Dunnyvadden   
         B06      G-ONTV      E      Arr 2018-10-17 for Helipower, temp lease.  Dep 2018-11-15 to EGNT   
         B06      G-VVBO      E      Arr 2018-05-10 leased by Helipower. Dep 2020-12-23 to EGNH. Returns on occasional lease.    
         C206      SE-LAT      W      Arr 2019-08-31, dep 2021-02 to USA became N550ZK.  Floats still present at Woodgate hangar 2022-07-30   
         CH7A      G-APYT      E         
         CH7A      G-BPMM      E      To private strip near Scrabo   
         C152      G-UFCO      E      Destroyed in fatal crash near Loanends 2018-04-19   
         CNBR      RAF WT486      W      Derelict – nose only.  To Boscombe Down 2019-02-18   
         COY2      G-SHUC      E      Arr 2019-03-18 for temporary residence.  To Causeway 2019-05-17   
         CH7A      G-BPMM      E      To private strip near Scrabo   
         DH82      G-ANDP      E      To private strip near Scrabo 2018-02   
         DIMO      G-RIET      W      To Scotland 2017-09-30   
         EFOX      G-CIML      W      Replaced by G-REGZ?   
         EV97      G-CENB      E      To Humberside 2019-04-25   
         Flash      G-MVRB      E      Trike only, reg to Armagh when checked 2022-06   
         FOX      G-CRES      E      To EGAB during 2020   
         FOX      G-RSSF      E      Present 2019-05-01, then to England   
         HUSK      G-HUSK      W      Arr 2019-11-06, then to Austria?    
         JABI      G-CBGR      E      Arr by road 2018-11-04.  Returned to England during 2020.   
         Mercury      G-MYCN      E      De-reg 2016-01-20   
         PA18      G-ARCT      E      Dep to Navan 2017-12-27   
         PA22      EI-EZX      E      To Athlone 2022-02   
         PA22      G-APUR      E      Still hangared as of 2019-05-01. Gone as of 2022-06-02   
             PA32      G-CDUX      E      Carcass to UAS 2017-11-21   
         PA31      N642P      W         Dep 2022-04-25 to EGHH   
          PC12      G-OMSL      E      From EGAC 2020-06-08, parks on apron. To EGKB 2021-07-20.
         Pegasus      G-MTOJ      E      To owner’s strip at Kilkenny during 2020/21.   
         Quik      G-CEUF      E      De-reg 2022-04-29   
         Quantum      G-OHKS      E      Reg in Cavan when checked 2022-06   
         R44      G-KELI      E         
         SKRA      G-CCCK      E      Sold & departed prior to 2018-04-09   
         SKRA      G-UPHI      E      Arr 2018-03-13, to Tandragee 2018-12-03   
         SR22      N938AC      E      To EIWT 2018-05-20
         SREY      G-CREY      E      To England early 2022-06   
         STOO      G-KEEN      E      In UFC hangar as of 2019-09-02. Dep 2022-07-26 to EGPT   
         TAIL      G-CFON      W      To Kilkerran 2017-04-14   
         Thruster      G-CBVA      W      To Carrickmore 2017-11   
         TL20      G-NIAC      W      Arr by road 2018-04-21, not yet completed.  To RIAT 2018-07-01, had not returned as of 2018-08-16   
         XAir-Falcon      G-CCVJ      E      For sale as at 2018-07-20, departed to Blackpool 2018-07-25   


Former residents still registered to local owners but not seen in some time:                                                
         Type      Registration      Location      Comments   
         Blade      G-CBOO      E      Now in black hangar   
         Dragonfly      G-CFSO      E         
         Flash      G-MTKW      E         
         Flash      G-MWPF      E         
         Quasar      G-MWJJ      E         
         Quik      G-OLFZ      E         
         Pegasus      G-MTTA      E      Arr by road 2020-04   
         Reaction      G-RDRL      E         

Ground vehicles                              
   Type      Registration      Comments   
   David Brown 996      IIJ 4852         
   Ford tractor      ?         
   Ford Ranger      AK66 BZW      Fitted as fire tender, callsign FIRE1   
   Massey MF 40E      G960 MRH         
   Mitsubishi Challenger      RCZ 5065      Callsign AIRPORT 1, registration plates as such when seen 2022-06.    
   Nissan Patrol      WF05 PZR      Former fire tender, hangared 2021-02, for disposal?   
   Volvo FL220      ?      Kerosene tanker   

Older revisions
2022-07-31 v41: Added G-SPOK, removed G-ENVV G-KEEN
2022-06-29 v40: Added G-ILMC, removed G-CIML
2022-06-12 v38: Added N212DJ
2022-06-11 v37: Removed G-BGVV, G-VVBO
2022-06-04 v36: added G-CFHI, modified EI-DUL to G-IDUL. Updates thanks to NISPOT.
2022-06-02 v35: Added EI-GVE, G-MWYZ and G-RIKI, reinstated EI-ATJ. Removed EI-EZX and G-APUR
2022-06-02 v34: Removed N642P and G-OMSL. Added 2-DITO, G-CCCT, G-CFXX, G-REGZ
2021-05-09 v33: Deleted G-CRES, G-CBGR, G-MTOJ, EI-ATJ.  Added G-IEZE.  Updated G-ENVV location. Moved G-MWJJ to AWOL list.                                 
2021-04-19 v32: Added EI-DUL
2021-04-12 v31: Added EI-ATJ, AK66 BZW, IIJ 4852
2021-04-07 v30: Reinstated G-RAFH
2020-11-01 v29: Added G-BZHR, G-LMCB, G-MWXZ. Changed location for N642P
2020-09-21 v27: Added G-BGVV G-CEZE G-CKTX G-HUSK G-MTTA G-MWIF, removed G-RAFH
2019-09-19 v26: Added G-MNIF
2019-09-03 v25: Added G-KEEN & G-ENVV
2019-05-22 v24: Removed G-SHUC, modified G-MZIM
2019-05-08 v23: Removed G-NIAC, added G-SHUC
2018-11-06 v21: Added G-CBGR, G-ONTV; modified G-VVBO, G-UFCN
2018-11-01 v20: Added G-CMON, updated G-CJVD
2018-10-31 v19: Added G-PTTB, modified N642P
2018-08-16 v18: Added G-BZRW, G-MYCN and G-MYSJ ( all omitted ), modified G-CBOO, G-NIAC and N642P, removed G-CCVJ and N938AC
2018-07-23 v17: Added G-BXVS ( omitted ), removed G-ANDP
2018-07-23 v16: Modified G-CCVJ and G-CFJL
2018-07-20 v15: Added G-BZKO ( returned ) and G-MVMX ( accidentally omitted )
2018-05-25 v14: Added G-VVBO and G-NIAC, removed G-BPMM and G-CCCK, modified G-ANDP and G-HWKS
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Re: EGAD Residents List
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2018, 03:34:17 PM »
Has Tiger Moth G-ANDP gone?

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Re: EGAD Residents List
« Reply #2 on: February 18, 2018, 04:14:50 PM »
No I just forgot about it :o. Will add now...

And make some corrections per PMs.  Thank you for the feedback.

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Re: EGAD Residents List
« Reply #3 on: February 18, 2018, 04:26:41 PM »
You're welcome.

I know G-ANDP's long-term owner died a year or two ago, nice to know it's still around.

It must be one of the longest residents along with        G-AVKK. I remember seeing them both in the early 1970s.
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