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Hi Iím on the look out for a small (1000 litres) av gas bowser or transportable tank.
Contact me here thanks

Angry Turnip:
Gumtree or Autotrader might be a good place to look.Autotrader has a trailer and plant section.

You could also ask at Newtownards,they might have something they don`t use anymore.

Or woodgate

Ed Winchester:
Was a wee place on Connsbrook avenue. They do that sort of thing.
Maine group

Cheftain in Dungannon manufacture exactly what you're looking for.

If you're looking second hand and not in a hurry, Witham SV in Lincoln often sell ex RAF stuff.
The last auction was on the 29th - last Thursday.
A 950 litre on a four wheel road legal trailer with pumps went for £750. No idea as to the condition.
They also had a number of what were termed "fuel replenishment trolleys"
I still have the listing. If interested PM me.


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