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A review on the posting of military aircraft movements has been ongoing by the moderators.
These have been made to give more people a chance to see any visiting aircraft, we would ask that members share any information they have sensibly, and responsibly for everyone`s benefit.
If any member has anything they want to ask or suggest, please PM one of the moderator`s and wait for a reply.


We require members to be active on the forum for a minimum of 60 days before military access is allowed.

New members wanting to join the Military Movements group must confirm by PM to a Moderator, that they have read and understand the rules of the group.

Military aircraft are not of interest to all, and that is why it has been decided to restrict them to those who are genuinely interested.

ALL MILITARY MOVEMENTS into/out of Northern Ireland Airports are to be posted only in the restricted MILITARY MOVEMENTS SECTION.

Mil Movements posted in the general forum will be DELETED,and the member responsible may/will be suspended from the group.

Anyone who is not a member of the Mil Movements section but has information to post, can PM one of the moderators to post on their behalf if they wish to.

NO MILITARY MOVEMENTS IN/OUT of NI ARE TO BE POSTED IN THE GENERAL FORUM, that includes inbound and outbound flights and AIRSHOW Aircraft.

Military overflights that are not landing in Northern Ireland have no restrictions, and should be posted in the OVERFLIGHTS section.

Only post if.....

(i) You are happy to be ID`d as the source of the information.
(ii) The source of the information is not classified, or restricted in any way.
(iii) The aircraft in question is not regarded as (AF1, Stealth, Special Forces etc)

DO NOT post detailed routing of the aircraft in or outbound. Give a basic compass direction such as W,NW,NE etc.
DO NOT ask operational questions about the military aircraft using Northern Ireland Airports/airfields.
If you wish to post photographs of the visiting aircraft, it is strongly recommended that you use a watermark to protect your image rights, you may post the photos, but ONLY in the Military Movements section.
If possible provide a LOCAL ETA (ie time at BFS Aldergrove or other location)   

PLEASE DO NOT USE ZULU TIME as it can cause confusion.

Anyone posting up info, must not be interrogated or ridiculed about their information source, or questioned about it`s reliability by other members.

All information posted is subject to change or cancellation, so if it does not happen, put it down to experience.

The moderation team reserve the right to moderate and/or edit any, and all posts, in all sections, if, in their view: the post contravenes any rules/guidelines of the forum, including those listed above: places into question or disrepute the reputation of the group and forum: the post is unclear or confusing, or can be seen to be irrelevant to the discussion taking place.

We hope these rules are clear to all.

The Moderator Team.
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