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What's your 2022 plans?


That time of the year again, Do you have any plans for aviation based travels in 2022? Is there any point making plans for 2022?

I have a few lined up after successfully getting to 4 days of air displays in 2021


Queens Jubilee Flypast - June 2022 (Including spotting at Heathrow)
RIAT 2022 - Booked for Friday, Saturday & Sunday this year.

Of course there are the 2 local shows. Portrush will be on my list as is Newcastle IF it is going ahead, pending a 2022 events review currently in process to put together the 2022 'Flagship' summer schedule. Sadly, Duxford Battle of Britain Airshow falls on the same weekend as Portrush.


Duxford June Airshow - Not liking the shift to June, with this it is making me choose between Cosford or Duxford. Cosford is the week after the Queens flypast (usually same weekend) So I don't want to be away 3 times in June.

Bray - Would love to get down, but it being the weekend after RIAT again makes it hard.

So, are you planning anything for 2022?

Nope. Totally given up on planning anything.

Decided against Duxford (Been quite a lot in recent years) and booked Cosford today. Looks to be the official RAF Airshow for the Queens jubilee and I have never been in their museum, so going to make a weekend of it and also see friends in Birmingham.

Birmingham hotel is right beside the airport with a full runway view. Can't complain at that.


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