Author Topic: So what hasn't visited Belfast?  (Read 53356 times)

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Re: So what hasn't visited Belfast?
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And when I was following-up on the Beluga I came across a reference to Convair 580 C-FKFA passing-through Aldergrove in October 2004.  That should take care of the Convairliner entry: it was built as a 340 in 1953!

Re- re reading this  I recall going over to the Freight Apron and photographing this a/c with a borrowed mobile phone. It was a Fire Bomber returning from the S of France to Canada after a summer fire fighting contract. Here is the rather blurry pic if no one has seen it before.
On a related subject... in 1994? Aldergrove had a visit from Air Atlantic with 6? DC3s for a Oil Spill Trial.  Here are four of them. GAMHJ,GANAF,GAMYJ,GAMPY. I don't have the others or even the date.