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Airport spotting location
« on: November 04, 2021, 02:47:11 PM »
Hi all.

Before you read this, I do realise it's probably not possible...

So, I really enjoy the 'Mound' at Ikea and the blue bridge, for spotting at BHD.  It's great being able to see planes touch down and get some smokey shots.

I can't say the same for spotting at BFS.  You can get some nice approach shots, but there isn't really a location where you will get touch down shots (unless I've missed something?).

I guess part of the problem is, a lot of the land around BFS is farm land, which is privately owned, meaning you can't get too close to the runways, and also the fact that there are the military areas/extra off limits areas.

I know BFS has a long list of things they need to sort out, but, do you think they could ever open a section of the airport for spotting?  I'm aware there is the viewing gallery, but I'm talking about an outside spot, maybe fenced off, with a gap in the fence for the lens to be placed through?



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