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Title: March Flying bits
Post by: Angry Turnip on March 01, 2018, 07:58:23 PM
Here we are folks,a new month,the beginning of Spring,and it`s freezing...

1st March 1912......Capt.Albert Berry makes the first parachute descent from a perfectly good aircraft,when he jumps from a Benoist aircraft flown by Anthony Jannus.

1st March 1925......Ryan Airlines begins the first scheduled passenger service within the USA,between Los Angeles and San Diego.

1st March 1928......British aircraft carrier HMS Couragaeous enters service as the worlds first carrier with transverse arresting gear.

1st March 1933......US Air Commerce regulations change to increase the amount of flying time before a license is granted from 10hrs,to 50 hrs.

1st March 1948......The first flight of the mean looking Curtis-Wright XF-87 Blackhawk,a prototype interceptor.It did not go into production.

1st March 1957......French aircraft companies SNCASO and SNCASE merge to form Sud-Aviation.

1st March 1966......Soviet space probe Venera 3 crashes on Venus.It is the first Earth spacecraft to land/crash on another planet.

1st March 1982......Soviet space probe Venera 13 lands on Venus.

1st March 1988......Spainair commenced flight operations.
Title: Re: March Flying bits
Post by: smudge on March 02, 2018, 08:31:26 AM

1st March 1928......British aircraft carrier HMS Couragaeous enters service as the worlds first carrier with transverse arresting gear.

She also became the World's first carrier lost to enemy action, sunk by U-29 on 17 September 1939.
Title: Re: March Flying bits
Post by: Angry Turnip on March 02, 2018, 07:48:56 PM
2nd March 1918......The first American to receive a commission in the Royal Flying Corps is Lloyd A.Hamilton assigned to No.3 Sqn.

2nd March 1936......The prototype of the German monoplane fighter,the Heinkel He112 crashes during spin tests.

2nd March 1953......The first flight of the French mixed power experimental interceptor,the SNCASO SO.9000 Trident.

2nd March 1955......The first flight of the French built fighter bomber,the Dassault Super Mystere.It was operated by France,Israel,and Honduras.

2nd March 1965......Operation Rolling Thunder begins,it is a massive air campaign against North Vietnam.

2nd March 1969......The first prototype Concorde 001 (F-WTSS) makes it`s first flight with Andre Turcat at the controls.The flight lasted 29 mins.

2nd March 1972......US built Pioneer 10 is launched on a mission to explore the outermost planets.

2nd March 1981......Japan Airlines is the first airline to use a computerized flight simulator as part of it`s crew training.

2nd March 1995......Space Shuttle Endevour STS-67 is launched.

2nd March 2012......The last commercial Continental Airlines flight departs Phoenix,Arizona for Cleveland,Ohio.It completed the merger with United Airlines.
Title: Re: March Flying bits
Post by: Angry Turnip on March 03, 2018, 06:28:15 PM
3rd March 1912.....The first flight of the British built Avro 500 military utility aircraft.18 machines were built.

3rd March 1915.....The forerunner of NASA is formed,NACA is the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics.

3rd March 1931.....The first flight of the Fairey Gordon,a light bomber with a rather silly name.No offence intended to any Gordon`s.  :-)

3rd March 1944.....USAAF P-38`s of the 55th fighter group,become the first Allied fighters to escort bombers all the way to Berlin and back.

3rd March 1945.....The first flight of the Soviet built fighter,the Mikoyan-Gurevich I-250,and odd looking beast,only 12 were compeleted.

3rd March 1950.....Qantas begins a scheduled passenger service from Sydney to Tokyo.

3rd March 1953.....The first flight of the tandem rotor ASW Bell Model 61 HSL.

3rd March 1953.....A Canadian Pacific Airlines de Havilland Comet crashes shortly after takeoff from Karachi,killing all on board.It is the first first fatal jet airliner crash.

3rd March 1960.....The longest non-stop flight by an RAF Aircraft is made by Vickers Valiant XD858,it was refueled midair twice on it`s 8500 mile flight around the British Isles.

3rd March 1967.....The first flight of the Soviet built Beriev Be-30,a light utility aircraft.

3rd March 1969.....Launch of Apollo 9,the second manned launch of a Saturn V,the crew spend 10 days in lower Earth orbit to test the module`s behaviour.

3rd March 1969.....The US Navy establishes it`s Fighter Weapons School at NAS Miramar-it is known as Top Gun.How Tiny Tom got in,is still a mystery.

3rd March 1987.....US probe Pioneer 9 dies,it`s still in solar orbit.

3rd March 2005.....Steve Fossett becomes the first person to fly around the world non-stop without refueling,covering 25,000miles in 67hrs 2mins.
Title: Re: March Flying bits
Post by: Angry Turnip on March 04, 2018, 08:18:15 PM
4th March 1909......President William Howard Taft approves Congressional Medals of Honour for the Wright Brothers.

4th March 1918......The first flight of the British Airco DH.10 Ameins,a medium bomber.104 Sqn RAF flew them on a single mission on 10th Nov 1918 before the Armistice ended the war.

4th March 1936......The first flight of the last great passenger carrying airship,the German LZ.129 better known as the Hindenburgh.

4th March 1954......The first flight of the prototype F-104,using a Wright J65 engine,as the GE J79 was not ready.

4th March 1970......Freight airline Cargolux is founded.

4th March 1982......NASA launches Intelsat V.

4th March 1993......The first flight of the French biz-jet,the Dassault Falcon 2000.

4th March 1994......Space Shuttle STS-62 Columbia`s 16th mission is launched.

4th March 2002......Ansett Australia (mark 2) ceases trading.

4th March 2007......US Airways and America West combine their reservations computer systems.I`m sure their IT departments enjoyed that.
Title: Re: March Flying bits
Post by: smudge on March 05, 2018, 11:29:40 AM

4th March 1954......The first flight of the prototype F-104,using a Wright J65 engine,as the GE J79 was not ready.

The J65 was a license-built and slightly tweaked AW Sapphire, as used in the Javelin and '
odd-numbered' marks of Hunters.  I didn't realise it'd also pushed the Starfighter aloft!
Title: Re: March Flying bits
Post by: Angry Turnip on March 05, 2018, 08:35:17 PM
5th March 1928.....The first flight of the oddly named Beardmore Inflexible,a tri engine monoplane built in Scotland.

5th March 1929.....LAN or Lineas Aereas Nacionales is formed.

5th March 1936.....The Supermarine Spitfire prototype K5054 made it`s first flight.Sadly it`s designer RJ Mitchell didn`t live to see it enter RAF service.

5th March 1937.....Imperial Airways opens a new flying boat base at Hythe in Hampshire.

5th March 1943.....The first flight of the Gloster Meteor jet fighter,the 5th prototype DG206 made the flight with a pair of de Havilland Halford H1 engines.

5th March 1958.....The first flight of the Soviet medium bomber/recon aircraft,the Yakovlev Yak-28.

5th March 1963.....Country music star Patsy Cline and 3 others are killed when their Piper Comanche crashes near Camden,Tennessee.

5th March 1976.....The second Concorde prototype makes it`s last flight to Fleet Air Arm Museum at RNAS Yeovilton.

5th March 1979.....Voyager 1 makes it`s closest approach to Jupiter at 172000 miles.

5th March 1982.....Soviet probe Venera 14 lands on Venus.
Title: Re: March Flying bits
Post by: smudge on March 06, 2018, 09:45:18 AM
5th March 1928.....The first flight of the oddly named Beardmore Inflexible,a tri engine monoplane built in Scotland.

There's one wheel of it left, in the Science Museum in London.
Title: Re: March Flying bits
Post by: Angry Turnip on March 06, 2018, 08:11:11 PM
6th March 1918......The first flight of what we would call a UAV takes place when a Curtiss-Sperry flying bomb made it`s first successful flight.

6th March 1918......The Finnish Air Force is founded.

6th March 1935......A special air traffic regulation is brought in to prevent overflying parts of Washington DC.

6th March 1936......The Avro Anson entered service with 48 Sqn RAF.

6th March 1951......The Martin aircraft company are awarded the rights to build and develop the English Electric Canberra as the B-57.

6th March 1961......The Boeing B-52-H Stratofortress made it`s first flight,they are still in USAF service today.

6th March 1965......A new distance record for helicopters is set by a Sikorsky SH-3A Sea King in a non-stop flight across 2,116 miles of the USA.

6th March 1986......Japan Airlines boards the worlds heaviest man,an 880lb Austrian flying from Frankfurt-16 seats have to be removed to make room for him.

6th March 1990......SR-71 Blackbird (61-17972) sets 4 speed records on it`s retirement flight to the Smithsonian Inst. LA to DC in 1hr,4mins,20secs at average speed of 2,124mph.

6th March 1998......The first flight of the Bell Eagle Eye model 918,a tilt rotor UAV.

6th March 2003......The first flight of the Agusta Westland AW609 tilt rotor,aimed at the civil market.

6th March 2018......A Russian Anotonov-An-26 military transport crashes in Syria with the loss of all 39 persons on board.
Title: Re: March Flying bits
Post by: Angry Turnip on March 07, 2018, 08:17:14 PM
7th March 1927.....The first flight of the British built Westland Wapiti,a multi purpose military biplane.

7th March 1932.....The German Junkers JU 52/3m trimotor transport aircraft makes it`s first flight.It was developed from the JU52/1m which had a single engine,but was underpowered.

7th March 1934.....Juan de la Cievra lands an autogyro on a Spanish ship for the first time.The ship is a military type named Dedalo.

7th March 1942.....The RAF commits 15 Spitfires to the defense of Malta,flying them to the island from carriers HMS Eagle,and HMS Argus.

7th March 1945.....The prototype tandem rotor helicopter,the Piasecki HRP Rescuer makes its first flight.It had fixed tricycle gear,and was powered by 600HP Pratt & Whitney engine.

7th March 1957.....The Soviet built Antonov An-10 Airliner makes it`s first flight.They were operated by Aeroflot and the Soviet Air Force before retiring in 1972.

7th March 1959.....Col M.C.Garlow,a military pilot becomes the first person to fly over 1 million miles in jet aircraft.He is buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

7th March 1961.....The 2nd Bell X-15 became the first manned aircraft to exceed Mach 4.Capt R.White took it to Mach 4.43 (2,905mph) at 77,450ft. Yeee haaw!

7th March 1964.....The first flight of the Egyptian Helwan HA-300 single seat interceptor.Six were completed and one prototype,before the project was scrapped.

7th March 1964.....The first flight of the P.1127 Kestrel,experimental V/STOL aircraft.

7th March 1966.....France withdraws from the military structure of NATO.

7th March 1975.....The first flight of the Soviet built Yakovlev Yak-42,a narrow body trijet airliner.It was the first airliner in Russia to use high bypass turbofans.

7th March 2003.....The first flight of the HAL.HJT-36 Sitara,an Indian built military intermediate jet trainer.It entered limited service before being grounded over safety concerns.

Title: Re: March Flying bits
Post by: smudge on March 08, 2018, 07:37:59 AM

7th March 1964.....The first flight of the Egyptian Helwan HA-300 single seat interceptor.Six were completed and one prototype,before the project was scrapped.

Both Kurt Tank ( formerly of Focke-Wulf ) and Willy Messerchmitt ( formerly of... oh you know  ) were involved with that project.

The Indian air force also took an interest and provided a test pilot, Group Captain Kapil Bhargava, who wrote an article for Air Enthusiast magazine in 1980 that led to the prototype being retrieved and preserved!
Title: Re: March Flying bits
Post by: Angry Turnip on March 08, 2018, 08:30:15 PM
After much careful consideration,I have decided to name today`s selection,the 8th March.

8th March 1910......Claude Moore-Brabazon receives the Royal Aero Club`s first aviator certificate.Charles Rolls receives the second.

8th March 1910......Raymonde de Laroche,becomes the first woman to be awarded a pilot`s license.

8th March 1917......Count Ferdinand Von Zeppelin dies,he was 78.

8th March 1946......The Bell 47 receives the first type certificate for a commercial helicopter.

8th March 1954......The first flight of the Sikorsky H-34 / S-58.Originally a piston powered machine,later versions used turbine power.Many versions were built under license.

8th March 1957......The worlds first carrier based supersonic fighter,the Grumman F-11F Tiger enters service with the US.Navy (VA-156).

8th March 1974......Charles de Gaulle Airport opens-the main architect was Paul Andreu.

8th March 1989......EVA Air is founded,they operate passenger and dedicated cargo services.

8th March 1996......Cebu Pacific Airlines commences flight operations.They are based in the Philippines.

8th March 2014......Maylaysia Airlines flight MH-370,a Boeing B777-200ER 9M-MRO,disappeared at 01.22L,enroute to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur.The search continues...
Title: Re: March Flying bits
Post by: Merlin on March 08, 2018, 11:29:21 PM
8th March 2014......Maylaysia Airlines flight MH-370,a Boeing B777-200ER 9M-MRO,disappeared at 01.22L,enroute to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur.The search continues...

4 years already  :(
Title: Re: March Flying bits
Post by: Angry Turnip on March 09, 2018, 06:58:29 PM
9th March 1915.....James "Johnnie" Johnson is born.He was an RAF Ace during WWII,also serving in Korea.He finally retired as Air Vice Marshall in 1966.He died in 2001.

9th March 1918.....The first American air casualty of WWI is Cpt James E.Miller who was shot down in a Spad whilst on a training mission near German lines.

9th March 1931.....The first flight of the French built Bleriot 125,an odd looking airliner featuring seating for 12 in two separate pods,it also had a puller/pusher prop engine arrangement.

9th March 1938.....A new parachute descent record of 35,450ft is achieved James Williams at Chartres Airfield,he opens his chute at 650ft after a 2min,50 sec freefall.

9th March 1948.....The first flight of the British Gloster E.1/44 a prototype fighter.It featured a T-tail and was powered by a Rolls Royce Nene,or Halford H.1 engine.

9th March 1949.....The first flight of the Avro Type 696,later named the Avro Shackelton (VW135),it was developed from the Avro Lincoln.

9th March 1979.....The first flight of the French Mirage 4000 prototype fighter,just one was built.

9th March 1987.....The first flight of the Yakovlev Yak-141,a supersonic VTOL fighter.The project was cancelled in 1991.

9th March 2011.....Space Shuttle Discovery lands to finish its 39th and last mission,the most by any Space Shuttle.It is then retired .

9th March 2012.....The first flight of the prototype Cessna Citation M2 business jet.

Title: Re: March Flying bits
Post by: Angry Turnip on March 10, 2018, 06:07:28 PM
10th March 1910......Emil Aubrun makes the worlds first night flights in a Bleriot type IX at Villalungano,Argentina.

10th March 1919......Australian Prime Minister announces a 10,000 prize to any aviator who can complete the journey from UK to Australia in less than 30 days.

10th March 1925......RJ Mitchell`s Supermarine Southampton flying boat makes its first flight.Henri Biard was the pilot.

10th March 1936......The first flight of the light bomber,the Fairey Battle,one example achieved the first aerial victory for an RAF aircraft in WWII.They were withdrawn from combat in late 1940.

10th March 1937......The first flight of the Hawker Henley,a two-seat target tug derived from the Hawker Hurricane,it was used by the RAF during WWII.

10th March 1944......Loftleirir,an Icelandic airline is formed-it was absorbed into Iceland Air in 1973.

10th March 1948......The North American FJ-1 Fury began entering US Navy service.

10th March 1955......Pakistan International Airlines is formed.

10th March 1956......Lt.Cdr Peter Twiss sets a new airspeed record flying the Fairey Delta FD2.,also becoming the first person to fly faster than 1000mph,his top speed is 1132 mph.

10th March 1959......The first flight of the Northrop T-38 Talon advanced jet trainer.Used by many countries air forces and by NASA as trainers/chase planes.

10th March 1960......The last flight of a USAF operated North American B-25 Mitchell,TB-25J J-25 NC 44-30854 is flown to Eglin Air Force Base Florida for preservation.

10th March 1977......Astronomers James Elliot,Edward Dunham,and Douglas Mink discover rings around Uranus. Now come on folks,no sniggering please !

10th March 1978......The first flight of the French Dassault Mirage 2000 multi-role fighter.Apart from Fance,also operated in UAE,India,and China.

10th March 1986......The US Navy selects the F/A 18 Hornet as the display aircraft of the US Navy Blue Angels.

Title: Re: March Flying bits
Post by: Angry Turnip on March 11, 2018, 01:07:03 PM
11th March 1910.....Lt.JW Dunne`s D5 tailless biplane flies at Eastchurch Kent,powered by a Green engine,it was built by Short Brothers.

11th March 1918.....The first AEF Air Service member to receive the Distinguished Fly Cross is Lt.Paul Baer.

11th March 1935.....The Avro 652 twin engine monoplane,entered service with Imperial Airways,only two were built,before the aircraft was developed into the Avro Anson.

11th March 1941.....US Congress passes the lend-lease bill,part of which includes provision of 16,000 warplanes to the UK.

11th March 1945.....A Japanese balloon bomb that was fired upon in British Columbia,is recovered in Edson,Alberta.

11th March 1957.....The prototype Boeing B707 lands in Baltimore after a press demo flight from Seattle.It covers 2350 miles in a record time of 3 hrs and 48 mins.

11th March 1959.....The first flight of the Sikorsky S-61 / SH-3 Sea King multi-role helicopter.

11th March 1964.....British European Airways introduce the new Hawker Siddeley Trident on it`s London-Copenhagen route.

11th March 1974.....The YF-16 reaches Mach 2 in flight tests at Edwards AFB.

11th March 1985.....The first flight of the British built light aircraft,the ARV Super 2.It was available as a kit,or factory built.

11th March 1993.....The first flight of the Airbus A321 narrowbody jetliner.Lufthansa and Alitalia were the launch customers.

11th March 1998.....The first two of four Boeing E-767`s (AWACS) are delivered to the Japanses Self Defense Force.They are based around a B767-200ER airframe.

11th March 2005.....China`s first private airline Okay Airlines begins commercial flights.They operate 5 x B737`s and 2 x Xian MA-60`s.

Title: Re: March Flying bits
Post by: Angry Turnip on March 12, 2018, 08:39:27 PM
12th March 1916......A Burgess H Biplane sets a world endurance record for a pilot and 2 passengers by staying aloft for 7 hours and 5 minutes.Doubtless a rush to the loo followed.

12th March 1932......Newark Liberty airport installs new landing aids to supplement the night landing system already in place.

12th March 1938......The first flight of the Polish built PZL.44 Wicher airliner.Only one example was completed,it was too expensive compared to the Lockheed Super Electra etc.

12th March 1947......The first flight of the odd Douglas Cloudster II,a five seat light aircraft,it was too expensive to be commercially viable,the prototype only flew twice.

12th March 1951......The Fairey Delta 1 research aircraft made it`s first flight.It wasn`t blessed with good looks,but provided much useful info on delta wings research.

12th March 1953......A RAF Avro Lincoln (RF531) is shot down 20miles NE of Luneberg Germany by a Soviet Mig-15.The Lincoln was on a training flight to Berlin.

12th March 1955......The first flight of the Aerospatiale Alouette II light helicopter.Over 1300 were built in various versions.

12th March 1959......The first flight of the Argentine built light aircraft,the Aero Boero AB-95.It could be fitted with a range of engines from 95 to 150hp.

12th March 1979......Atlantic Southeast Airlines is founded.They changed their name to Express Jet in 2011.

12th March 2004......The first flight of the Embraer E190 (PP-XMA),a narrowbody jetliner in the E170 - E195 E Jet family.

12th March 2008......Southwest Airlines grounds 44 aircraft for inspections as the FAA accuses as many as 117 of it`s B737`s are flying without proper airworthiness certificates.
Title: Re: March Flying bits
Post by: jasT1981 on March 12, 2018, 11:10:55 PM

12th March 1953......A RAF Avro Lincoln (RF531) is shot down 20miles NE of Luneberg Germany by a Soviet Mig-15.The Lincoln was on a training flight to Berlin.

I never knew about this, very interesting. Sadly it looks like all crew were lost.

Looking a bit into it, it seems they may have been off course. At least according to the official report however it is thought that was a cover story for it doing surveillance over Soviet controlled East Germany.

I find the difference between two eras very interesting, The Lincoln being a WWII aircraft and the Mig being a Cold War jet, despite there being only 5 years difference between production. 

Officially as recorded in "Hansard" (the official record of debates in the UK Parliament) the aircraft had been attacked after staying off course "whilst on a routine training mission". However, that may have been a "cover story" for the aircrafts real mission of ELINT (Electronic Intelligence Gathering) over Soviet-occupied East Germany
Title: Re: March Flying bits
Post by: smudge on March 13, 2018, 08:02:15 AM
Cold War shoot-downs, quite a list:
Title: Re: March Flying bits
Post by: Angry Turnip on March 13, 2018, 08:07:16 PM
I`m glad that some people find these snippets of info useful,as that is why I started posting them.
It`s tricky to put all the info into just one line of text,but I hope that sometimes people will see something they didn`t know,and maybe look into it themselves.
Aviation is such a vast subject,with so many tangents,that hopefully there will be something of interest to all.

I try to avoid posting up the majority of crashes,as the list would be a bit morbid.
Title: Re: March Flying bits
Post by: Angry Turnip on March 13, 2018, 08:23:12 PM
13th March 1910.....Capt Paul Engelhard makes the first aircraft flight in Switzerland in a Wright biplane from a frozen lake at St.Moritz.

13th March 1914.....Edward O`Hare,future US Navy Aviator,WWII Ace and Congressional Medal Of Honour recipient is born.He died in 1943.In 1949 Chicago Illinois Airport was named after him.

13th March 1928.....The first Canadian woman to obtain a pilots licence was Eileen Volick,she passed her test in Hamilton Ontario.

13th March 1945.....A RAF Avro Lancaster bomber of 617 Sqn drops the first 22,000lb Grand Slam bomb on the Schildesche viaduct.The bomb was designed by Barnes Wallis.

13th March 1951.....Qantas begins a survey flight from Rose Bay Sydney,to Valparaiso in Chile with a Catalina VH-ASA.

13th March 1969.....Apollo 9 mission ends after a 10 day teast of the Lunar Module in Earth`s lower orbit.

13th March 1977.....The first flight of the Sikorsky S-76 SAR/multi-role helicopter.Over 1100 have been built in various versions,civil and military.

13th March 1989.....Space Shuttle Launch Discovery STS-29.An ISS supply and crew rotation mission.

13th March 2002.....Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium commences flight operations.

13th March 2009.....Mexican airline MexicanaLink commences flight operations.It folded 28th Aug 2010.
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Post by: Angry Turnip on March 14, 2018, 08:11:00 PM
14th March 1908......Henri Farman makes the fist flight in his modified Voisin-Farman I-bis biplane.

14th March 1927......Pan American Airways is founded as a scheduled passenger and airmail service from Key West Florida,to Havana,using a chartered Fairchild FC-2 floatplane.

14th March 1936......Imperial Airways starts a weekly service to Hong Kong from it`s Croydon headquarters.

14th March 1945......TAP Portugal is founded.Services began Sept 1946 using a DC-3 on the Lisbon-Madrid route.

14th March 1947......The first flight of the Lockheed L-749 Constellation,a development of the L-649,but featured greater fuel capacity,and a new stronger undercarriage.

14th March 1947......Saudi Arabian Airlines begins services using five DC-3`s.

14th March 1960......Chicago O`Hare international Airport is officially named as the USA`s busiest airport.

14th March 1961......Slovenian airline Adria Airways is founded.Early services used 2 DC-6`s bought from KLM,in fact their first service was flown by a Dutch crew.

14th March 1995......For the first time ever,13 astronauts are in space at the same time.

14th March 2006......Low-cost Cypriot airline Helios changed it`s name to Ajet Aviation.
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Post by: Angry Turnip on March 15, 2018, 08:56:07 PM
15th March 1918.....HMS Furious re-enters service with the Royal Navy,as the worlds first aircraft carrier with lifts to move aircraft to the flight deck.

15th March 1938.....De Havilland DH.88 Comet racer G-ACSS begins a record breaking flight from England to New Zealand and back.It makes it with a total time of 10days,21hrs,and 22 mins.

15th March 1941.....Philippine Airlines begins flight services using a single Beech Model 18 on a daily service between Manila and Baguio.

15th March 1947.....The Vought V-173 "Flying Pancake" experimental aircraft is retired from service.

15th March 1960.....The mighty Convair B-58 Hustler supersonic strategic bomber enters service with the USAF.The B-58 set 19 world speed records.

15th March 1967.....The first flight of the Sikorsky HH-53 heavy lift helicopter.Several different versions were built.

15th March 1972.....NASA reveals plans to build the Space Shuttle re-usable spacecraft.

15th March 1985.....American Eagle Airlines,begins commuter services.

15th March 1996.....Dutch aviation manufacturer Fokker,is declared bankrupt and closes after 84 years in business.

Title: Re: March Flying bits
Post by: smudge on March 16, 2018, 08:01:41 AM
15th March 1938.....De Havilland DH.88 Comet racer G-ACSS begins a record breaking flight from England to New Zealand and back.It makes it with a total time of 10days,21hrs,and 22 mins.

The French government bought two of the DH.88s ( one new, the other ex-G-ACSR ) for a trans-Atlantic mail service but I've never read anything more about it.

Edit: received regs F-ANPY and F-ANPZ, both reported destroyed in a hangar fire in 1940 but this appears to have been a cover story.  Intriguing.

Limitations of the DH.88 led to the scaled-up Caudron C.640:
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Post by: Angry Turnip on March 16, 2018, 07:47:16 PM
Not much to report for this date.

16th March 1911......Britain`s first Certificate of Airworthiness is signed Mervyn O`Gorman,of the Balloon Factory Farnborough for a Farman III Type Militaire.

16th March 1947......The first flight of the US built Convair CV-240 twin prop airliner.

16th March 1960......KLM starts it`s first intercontinental service,Amsterdam to New York by DC-8.

16th March 1962......First launching of a Titan-2 rocket.

16th March 1966......NASA launches Armstrong and Scott in Gemini 8.It achieved the first docking of two spacecraft in orbit,but the mission had to aborted shortly after docking.

16th March 2006......The new Kitakyushu Airport opened,it is the fourth Japanese Airport to operate 24hrs a day.
Title: Re: March Flying bits
Post by: Angry Turnip on March 17, 2018, 06:29:14 PM
17th March 1908.....AEA Red Wing is destroyed in a crash in only it`s second flight.

17th March 1935.....Germany makes the colour coding of vital parts obligatory-red for fire circuit breakers,green for temp regulators,yellow for throttles,brown for hydraulic circuits.

17th March 1936.....A passenger caught lighting a cigarette in the toilet on board an Imperial Airways Handley Page HP.42 enroute Paris to London is fined 10.

17th March 1936.....The first flight of the British twin engine medium bomber,the Armstrong Whitworth Whitley.Over 1800 were built.BOAC used some in a civil role.

17th March 1937.....Amelia Earhart flies her Lockheed Electra from Oakland California to Wheeler Field,Hawaii on the first leg of her attempted around the world flight.

17th March 1947.....The "Flying Flapjack" the Vought XF5U,an experimental disc shaped fighter,is cancelled.It was powered by a pair of P+W R2000 Radial engines of 1600hp each.

17th March 1958.....French airline Air Inter commences operations,its first route was Paris to Strasbourg,although full scale operations didn`t start until 1960.

17th March 1961.....The Northrop T-38 Talon enters service with the USAF.It was the worlds first supersonic trainer.Still in service 50 years on with the USAF and NASA and others.

17th March 1966.....The first flight of the Bell X-22,a four tilted ducted fan engined V/STOL Xplane.The programme was scrapped after two prototypes had flown.

17th March 1969.....The first flight of the French utility helicopter,the Aerospatiale SA315B Lama was developed for hot and high operations.It used the Alouette II airframe,and Alouette III engine and                                                 components.

17th March 1976.....A Japan Airlines Boeing B747 makes the first non-stop Tokyo to New York flight in 11.5 hours covering 6,300 miles.

17th March 1992.....The Russian manned spacecraft Soyuz TM-14 launches into orbit.

17th March 1997.....Linda Finch sets out in a restores and specially equipped Lockheed Electra 10E sets out on Amelia Earhart`s route.She is completes the around the world flight in 73 days.

17th March 2013.....Two inmates at a prison in Quebec,Canada escape by climbing a rope lowered from a helicopter,they are recaptured later the same day.
Title: Re: March Flying bits
Post by: Angry Turnip on March 18, 2018, 07:00:35 PM
18th March 1916......German fighter pilot of WWI and WWII Ernst Udet scores his first kill,a French Farman F.40.He scored 62 confirmed kills before committing suicide in Nov 1941.

18th March 1918......Norway`s first is founded,Aktieselskapt Det Norske Luftfartsrederi or DNL,operated Supermarine Channel flying boats when they commenced services in 1920.

18th March 1937......The first human powered aircraft,the Pedaliante makes it`s first flight (approx. 1km) on the outskirts of Milan.

18th March 1945......The Douglas XB2D-1,the prototype of the D-1 Skyraider ground attack aircraft,makes it`s first flight.

18th March 1961......The Soviet long range interceptor,the Tupovlev TU-28/TU128 (Fiddler) makes it`s first flight.They remained in service until 1990.

18th March 1962......The Convair CV-990 airliner enters service with American Airlines.It is still the fastest non supersonic commercial to be have ever been produced.

18th March 1963......The Dassault Balzac experimental VTOL testbed made it`s first transition`s from vertical to horizontal and back again.

18th March 1966......The first flight of the French light aircraft,the Wassmer WA-51 Pacific.

18th March 2002......The HAL Dhruv utility helicopter enters service with the Indian Coast Guard.It is used by the IAF Sarang Helicopter Display Team.
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19th March 1909......Among the exhibits at the International Aero and Motor Boat Exhibition in London is a Wright Flyer for sale at $7000.

19th March 1910......Orville Wright opens the first Wright Flying School in Montgomery Alababma.The site would later become Maxwell Air Force Base.

19th March 1948......BOAC extends it`s Hong Kong service to Japan using Lockheed L-749 Constellations.

19th March 1964......Geraldine Mock sets out on a solo around the world flight in a Cessna 180 Skywagon N1538C.Starting and finishing in Columbus Ohio in 29 days.

19th March 1984......The first flight of the IAI Astra SPX business jet,now known as the Gulfstream G100.The Astra was developed from the IAI Westwind.

19th March 1989......The first flight of the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey V/STOL tilt-rotor military transport.

19th March 2007......The Airbus A380 makes it`s first flights to the USA,one goes to New York JFK and another to LAX.

19th March 2008......FlyDubai is founded with operations commencing 1st June 2009.Its first sircraft is a Boeing B737-800 A6-FDA.
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20th March 1922.....The US Navy commissions it`s first aircraft carrier,the USS Langley was a converted collier.It was scuttled in Feb 1942.

20th March 1932.....Luftschiffbau Zeppelin begins trans-atlantic services between Germany and Brazil,using the Graf Zeppelin.

20th March 1932.....First flight of the Boeing P-26 Peashooter,it was the first American all metal production fighter.The Guatemalan Airforce used theirs until 1956/57.

20th March 1935.....The first flight of the rather ugly (IMHO),Grumman F3F Biplane fighter.Primary operators were the US Navy,and US Marine Corps.Most were retired by Nov 1943.

20th March 1937.....Amelia Earhart has to call a temporary halt to her around the world solo flight attempt,after a tyre bursts taking off in Honolulu.

20th March 1940.....The first flight of the Armstrong Whitworth AW-41 Albemarle,originally designed as a medium bomber,it was used as a transport and glider tug during WWII.

20th March 1940.....Boeing begins delivery to Pan American Airways of the Model 307 Stratoliner.It was the first commercial transport to have a pressurized cabin.

20th March 1942.....The first flight of the Japanese fighter,the Misubishi J2M Raiden.It`s Allied codename was "Jack".It packed a heavy punch with four 20mm cannons.

20th March 1955.....RAF Avro Lincoln bombers are sent to Singapore to be used against the communist guerillas in the Malayan Emergency.

20th March 1979.....NASA Space Shuttle Columbia arrives at Kennedy Space Centre on a modified Boeing B747 Shuttle Carrier.

20th March 1999.....Brian Jones and Bertrand Piccard complete a non stop,around the world balloon flight in Breitling Orbiter 3.The 46,759 mile trip takes just under 20 days.

20th March 2011.....The first flight of the Boeing B747-800 Intercontinental passenger variant.Lufthansa was the launch customer.
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21st March 1918......The first flight of the Curtis HA / Dunkirk Fighter,a biplane originally designed as a floatplane,three land based versions were also built.

21st March 1928......Charles Lindbergh is presented the Medal Of Honour by President Coolidge for his first transatlantic solo flight in "The Spirit Of St.Louis" Ryan Monoplane N-X-211.

21st March 1933......The first flight of the British built Fairey TSR.1 Torpedo/Recon Biplane.

21st March 1946......In a revamp of the USAAF units,Strategic Air Command,Air Defense Command,and Tactical Air Command are formed.

21st March 1965......NASA US Ranger 9 Lunar impactor probe is launched to photograph the moon-high quality television images from the probe were broadcast live across the USA.

21st March 1968......The first Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird operational mission over North Vietnam.Pilot is Jerry O`Malley,RSO is Ed Payne.

21st March 1971......The first flight of the multi-role military helicopter,the Westland Lynx.The Royal Navy retired theirs in 2017,and the Army retired them in 2018.

21st March 1996......Tupolev and NASA begin joint research into civil supersonic transports using a refurbished Tupovlev TU-144,known as the TU-144LL.

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22nd March 1919......The first regular international commercial route opens between Paris and Brussels by Farman Airlines operating  a F.60 Goliath.

22nd March 1948......The first flight of the TF-80C,which would become the Lockheed T-33 jet trainer.Over 6500 were built in many different versions.

22nd March 1979......The first flight of the Lockheed CP-140 Aurora maritime patrol aircraft.Based on the P-3 Orion airframe,but fitted with the electronics suite from the Lockheed S-3 Viking.

22nd March 1982......The first flight of the Finnish built Valmet PIK-23 Towmaster,a primary trainer and glider tug,onlt two were built.

22nd March 1982......The 3rd flight of the Space Shuttle STS-3 Columbia.It was the only mission to land at White Sands,New Mexico due to flooding at it`s planned landing site of Edwards AFB.

22nd March 1989......The Antonov-AN225 sets a total of 106 world,and class records during a 3.5 hour mission,carrying a Buran Orbiter.Total takeoff weight was 508,200KG.

22nd March 1996......Space Shuttle STS-76 Atlantis is launched,the mission is to dock with the Mir space station.

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Another week gone,here is todays Aviation bits.

23rd March 1903.....The Wright brothers apply for a patent for a "Flying Machine",based on their successful 1902 glider with three axis flight controls.

23rd March 1908.....Lazare Weiller signs a contract with the Wright brothers to establish a Wright airplane company in France,on condition they make a number of demo flights.

23rd March 1921.....US Army Lt.Arthur Hamilton sets a new world record,when he jumps with a parachute from a reasonably good aircraft at 24,400ft.

23rd March 1948.....The first flight of the Douglas F3D Skynight,a naval twinjet engined fighter.It served in the Korean war and Vietnam,it was especially useful in the night fighter role.

23rd March 1948.....Grp Cpt John Cunningham sets a new world altitude record in a Ghost powered DH Vampire of 59,446ft.

23rd March 1964.....RAF Armstrong Whitworth Argosy C.1 XP413 ditches in Aden harbour,it is on it`s undercarriage in 5ft of water.It is shipped back to the UK and refurbished before returning to service.

23rd March 1965.....NASA launches Gemini 3,the first US 2 man space flight,crewed by Virgil Grissom and John Young.

23rd March 1998.....The first flight of the Chinese built Chengdu J-10,a multi-role combat aircraft which looks wise has elements of F-16,IAI-Lavi,and Eurofighter Typhoon.

23rd March 2001.....The Russian Space Station Mir burns up in a controlled re-entry over the Pacific Ocean.

23rd March 2005.....Baku Cargo Terminal opened for business.The apron is 1,750,000 sq ft.The terminal is 130,000 sq ft.Silk Way Airlines are based there.

23rd March 2010.....Two RAF Hawks of the RAF Red Arrows team collide on a training mission in Crete.One pilot (Flt Lt Mike Ling) ejected,and the other aircraft landed safely.
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24th March 1904......The Wright Brothers apply for a German patent of their aircraft.

24th March 1918......Capt John Lightfoot Trollope of RFC 43Sqn shoots down seven German aircraft in one day.He lost his left arm later in the war,but survived.he died in 1958.

24th March 1919......Igor Sikorsky flees his homeland Russia under threat of death from the new government,he first settled in France before immigrating to the USA.

24th March 1935......The first flight of the British Avro 652A Anson,a twin engine multirole aircraft.Over 11,000 were built and used by various military and civil operators.

24th March 1939......Jacqueline Cochran,an American aviator,achieves a woman`s altitude record world record of 30,052ft over Palm Springs in a Beechcraft Model 17.

24th March 1944......RAF Tailgunner F/S N.Alkemade falls 18,000ft without a parachute,when his Lancaster is shot down.He survives,branches and a deep snowdrift brake his fall.He becomes a POW in Stalag Luft III.

24th March 1971......Boeing cancels it`s Supersonic Transport (SST),the full size mockup is sold an ends up in a Florida amusement park.

24th March 1999......Kiwi International Air Lines folds after only 6years operation.They operated Boeing B727-200`s.

24th March 2015......One of the most chilling aircraft disasters,when German Wings flight 9525 is intentionly crashed by the first officer,after locking the captain out of the cockpit.
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25th March 1917.....Canadian Lt Col William Avery Bishop scores his first victory,an Albatross fighter whilst flying a Nieuport.By the end of WWI he had 72 victories.

25th March 1926.....Willie Messerschmitt,the German aircraft engineer forms Messerschmitt Flugzeugbau G.M.B.H.

25th March 1931.....The first flight of the British biplane fighter,the Hawker Fury.It was the RAF`s first interceptor capable of 200mph,it was closely related to the Hawker Hart light bomber.

25th March 1932.....Dobrolyot,an early Soviet air transport group is expanded,and merged into Aeroflot.

25th March 1944.....Eric Brown makes the first prototype Sea Mosquito (a modified FB.VI)landing on HMS Indefatigable.The carrier borne version was known as Sea Mosquito TR MK33.

25th March 1955.....The first flight of the Vought F-8 Crusader,a supersonic carrier based fighter.It was the last US fighter with guns as the primary weapon.

25th March 1958.....The Canadian delta winged interceptor,the Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow made it`s first flight.It was cancelled 20th Feb 1959 under controversial circumstances.

25th March 1971.....The first flight of the Soviet Ilyushin IL-76 strategic airflifter.Still in production and in service with military and civil operators.

25th March 1977.....The first flight of the Lockheed YC-141B,a stretched version of the C-141 Starlifter transport.

25th March 1979.....Qantas retires it`s last Boeing B707,then becomes the worlds first with a fleet of just Boeing B747`s.

25th March 1993.....The first female Concorde pilot,Barbara Harmer makes her first flight as 1st officer on the London-New York route with British Airways.

25th March 2004.....Air Holland ceases operations.It was founded in 1984,and operated a mix of Boeing aircraft,B727,B737,B757 and B767`s.

25th March 2010.....Scottish airline Highland Airways (formally Air Alba) ceases operations.

25th March 2018.....A Qantas Boeing B787 Dreamliner completes the first non-stop passenger flight from Perth Australia to London LHR in 17hrs 20mins.No thank you!

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26th March 1922......The first flight of the de Havilland DH.34 (G-EBBQ),a single engine biplane,10 seater airliner.It was powered by a Napier Lion engine.12 were built.

26th March 1927......The first flight of the Handley Page Hinaidi,a twin engine biplane heavy bomber.Production ended with 36 aircraft completed.

26th March 1934......The first landplane derivative of the Short Kent flying boat takes to the air for the first time.It is named the Short L.17 Scylla,it is powered by 4 Bristol Jupiter engines.

26th March 1940......The US built military transport,the Curtiss C-46 Commando makes it`s first flight.3,181 were built with some still in service eg Buffalo Airways of Canada.

26th March 1950......The first flight of the Douglas A2D Skyshark,a turboprop powered,attack aircraft for the US Navy.Only 12 were built,four of which never flew.

26th March 1956......The first flight of the rather dinky looking Temco TT Pinto,a light primary jet trainer for the US Navy.It was powered by a Continental J69-T9 jet engine.

26th March 1958......The USA launches it`s third satellite Explorer III,it was launched from a Juno I,4-stage booster rocket.

26th March 1959......The French built Breguet Alize ASW aircraft begins to enter service with the French Navy.

26th March 1963......The Hunting H.126,a jet flap research aircraft makes its first flight.Only one is built,power is from a Bristol Siddeley Orpheus turbojet.

26th March 1971......First flight of the CASA C-212 Aviocar,a Spanish turboprop powered STOL Medium cargo aircraft,aimed at both the military and civil market.

26th March 1989......Austrian Airlines resumes transatlantic flights for the first time in 2 decades,with a flight from Vienna to New York,using an Airbus A310 (OE-LAA).

26th March 1989......Binter Canarias begins commercial operations.Current hubs are Gran Canaria Airport,La Palma Airport,and Tenerife North Airport.

26th March 1992......The first flight of the Saab 2000,a twin engine,high speed turboprop.It is designed to carry 50-58 passengers and cruise at 400mph.
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27th March 1907.....Romanian Trajan Vuia begins tests of his aircraft in Paris,he manages a short (33ft) flight.

27th March 1936.....The first flight of the Dutch built Fokker D.XXI,a fighter that served mainly with the RNLAF,the Finnish Air Force,it was the last fighter built by Fokker.

27th March 1945.....The last V2 missile to hit England came down in Kent.

27th March 1946.....The USA and France sign an agreement that will allow Air France to fly to Boston,New York,Washington DC and Chicago.

27th March 1968.....The first man in space,Yuri Gagarin and instructor Vladimir Seryogin are killed when their Mig-15UTI crashes on a routine training flight.

27th March 1975.....The first flight of the de Havilland Canada Dash 7,a four engine turboprop powered,STOL regional airliner.It was used by civil and military operators.

27th March 1977.....The Tenerife Airport Disaster-the worlds worst aviation disaster that claimed 583 lives,when two Boeing B747`s collided at Los Rodeos Airport.

27th March 1994.....The Eurofighter,a twin engine advanced multirole fighter makes it`s first flight.It is a joint venture between Alenia Aeronautica,BAE Systems and EADS.

27th March 2004.....NASA`s X-43 pilotless hypersonic research aircraft,breaks the world speed record for an atmospheric engine,reaching 4,800 mph or MACH 7.

27th March 2007.....The last Airbus A300 leaves the assembly line.The popular wide body jet is still in service with several air freight operators.561 were built.
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28th March 1908.....Frenchman Leon Delagrange makes the first passenger flight,when he takes fellow aviator Henry Farman aboard his Voisin 1907 biplane.

28th March 1910.....The first powered seaplane in the world,Herni Fabres Hydroavion,makes it`s first flight at La Meade Harbour,Martigues France.His max height was 7ft.

28th March 1920.....Croydon Aerodrome replaces Hounslow Heath,as London`s Airport.

28th March 1931.....The first flight of the Japanese recon aircraft,the Mitsubishi 2MR8.It was a high wing monoplane used by the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force.

28th March 1931.....Boeing Air Transport,National Air transport,Varney Airlines,and Pacific Air Transport combine to form United Airlines.

28th March 1947.....In a joint ceremony,the first two DC-6 Airliners are delivered to American Airlines and United Airlines.

28th March 1948.....USAF Boeing B-29 Superfortresses take part in tests to evaluate the viability of air to air refueling.

28th March 1957.....The first flight of the Canadair CP-107 Argus,a maritime patrol aircraft derived from the Bristol Britannia.It was powered by Wright R-3350 radial engines.

28th March 1961.....Air Afrique is founded.It was a Pan African airline that was owned by many west African countries for most of it`s history.It folded in Jan 2002.

28th March 1980.....The first flight of the twin engined regional airliner,the BAe Jetstream.Production ended in 1993 with 386 aircraft produced,with many still in use.

28th March 1980.....The 1,000th Learjet is delivered.Part of the Bombardier Aerospace group,the Learjet family of biz jets passed the 3,000th mark in June 2017.

28th March 1981.....Air France retires the Sud Aviation Caravalle from service with a special flight from Amsterdam to Paris.282 aircraft were built.

28th March 2010.....Air One splits from Alitalia to operate as a low cost airline on it`s own.Based at Fiumicino and several hubs,it failed in October 2014.

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29th March 1936......The first flight of the US built Vought V-141 fighter.It was rejected by the USAAC and the single prototype was sold to Japan in 1937,again it was rejected.

29th March 1942.....Production of the Spitfire reached an all time peak of 134 aircraft completed in one day.HMS Eagle delivers 7 badly needed Spitfires to Malta.

29th March 1960.....The first flight of the Soviet Tupolev TU-124,a 56 short range jet airliner.It was used by both civil and military operators.164 were built in total.

29th March 1981.....BA operates it`s last VC-10 flight.14 of the 15 aircraft are purchased by the RAF,with one going to Duxford for preservation.The RAF retired them in Sept 2013.

29th March 1991.....The first flight of the Ilyushin-Il-114,a twin engine turboprop airliner.It is powered by 2 Klimov TV7-117S engines of 2466hp each.

29th March 1996.....The first flight of the Lockheed Martin RQ-3 Dark Star,a high altitude endurance UAV.It was fully autonomous,but with human override.

29th March 2001.....The first flight of the STOVL version of the Boeing X-32 JSF concept,it lost to the Lockheed Martin X-35.

29th March 2003.....The first flight of the Ullmann 2000 Panther,a 4 seat high wing monoplane designed to be built in kit form.Powered by a 300hp Continental IO-550 L engine.

29th March 2006.....The MOD retires the Sea Harrier from service premeturely due to defense budget cuts,801 NAS are the last operator.The F-35II was due in 2012 and the unit price has since doubled.

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30th March 1928......Italian Major Mario de Bernardi sets a new airspeed record,and the first over 300mph,in a modified Macchi M52 Bis seaplane.He reaches a speed of 318.64 Mph.

30th March 1928......German Samuel Schwartz asks German Airline Deutsche Luft Hansa (DLH) for rent for the airspace above his house.

30th March 1929......Imperial Airways begins the first scheduled air service between England and Karachi.The journey took average of 7 days and involved at least one train journey.

30th March 1939......Hans Dieterie sets a new airspeed record in a Heinkel He 100 fighter of 464 Mph.It didn`t enter production,it is thought the Luftwaffe wanted to concentrate on the Me Bf-109.

30th March 1961......NASA civilian test pilot takes the X-15 to 169,600 ft or 51,690 mtrs.

30th March 2006......Marcos Pontes becomes the first Brazilian astronaunt in space.He goes to the ISS onboard Soyuz TMA-8.He returned to Earth 8th April 2006.

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Last one for March....

31st March 1903.....Richard Pearse from New Zealand is reputed to have made powered flight in a heavier than air machine that crashed in a hedge.
                              The flight was not well documented at the time,but if true,he would have beaten the Wright brothers by nine months.

31st March 1939.....The first flight of the Miles Master,a two seat monoplane advanced trainer.3250 were built,power came from a Bristol Mercury XX 9cylinder 870hp engine.

31st March 1956.....The Douglas A-3 Skywarrior enters US Navy service.Designed as a strategic bomber,it was later modified as for a variety of roles including ECM and as a tanker.

31st March 1959.....BOAC commences it`s westward around the world scheduled service.London,New York,San Francisco,Honolulu,Tokyo,then back to London.

31st March 1974.....BOAC ceases operations when it merges with British European Airways to form British Airways.

31st March 1990.....The first flight of the Robinson R-44 light utility helicopter.It can carry 3 pax plus the pilot,it has been the best selling GA helicopter every year since 1999.

31st March 2002.....Swiss International Airlines begins operations taking over from bankrupt Swissair.

31st March 2008.....Aloha Airlines ceases flight operations.

31st March 2017.....The first flight of the Airbus A319 NEO,CFM or EW engines are available.

31st March 2017.....The first flight of the Boeing B787-10 Dreamliner,the test flight lasted 4hrs 48 mins.The -10 is a stretched B787 with similar capacity to rival types.

31st March 2017.....The first flight of the Antonov AN-132,a improved version of the Antonov An-32 twin engine turboprop.It is a joint venture between Ukraine and Saudi Arabia.