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Reminder on the Use of the Forum
« on: January 16, 2016, 08:55:38 PM »
On behalf of the moderators, I would like to remind all users of the forum of some guidelines regarding the use of the forum.

  • Posting of Sensitive Movements: We are all aware that there are some sensitive movements that take place here in Northern Ireland. In the past, there has been discussion regarding the posting of these movements, and the extent to which details are published. We would like to reiterate that care needs to be taken regrading these. If the flight is military (regardless of the flag on the side) and it's movement involves an arrival or departure in Northern Ireland (overflights are thus exempt) routings for this flight should not be published on the forum. Further to this, aircraft registrations should not be posted in advance of it's arrival. We ask that you refrain from publishing these details until the aircraft is on the ground. Simply an arrival time, and possibly an aircraft type (C130/C17) is all that should be posted. There is a restricted area on the forum, which is visible only to members "Military Movements". If the movement is sensitive, please use this area to post it.
  • Posting of Sensitive Details: While this could be included in sensitive movements, it must be stressed, that sensitive details, regarding the operation of various aircraft in Northern Ireland should not be publicly disclosed. We all know that there are some aircraft which participate in security, or otherwise, operations at various times in Northern Ireland. Indeed, members of this forum have been a part of the operational team onboard these aircraft. While your knowledge on the subject is broad and your input appreciated, please, if you would like to discuss these operations, use private messages between one and other. The moderators will continue to remove from the Public Domain any posts which they feel publish too much sensitive information in the public domain.
  • Posting of Photographs: As a continuation of the posting of sensitive information, we would like to ask all members, who post airside photographs from our local airports, to consider the content of what you post. If you are posting airside images, please where possible, refrain from posting the Registration of the aircraft. Other business who work airside throughout the UK, do not post Registrations for a reason. This request is for the benefit of our members who work airside, as well as the forum, so we would ask that you respect this.
  • Etiquette of the forum We would like to remind all members, that this forum is a platform for all, to share information, to participate in discussion, and to share in the common interest of aviation in Northern Ireland. Our membership is broad, consisting of those who work in the aviation industry, those who have years of experience 'spotting', those who have experience in various services and those who simply enjoy reading about the movements that take place in 'Our Wee Country' without posting in the forum. Every member has an equal right to use the forum, and conversely, every member is afforded the opportunity to give their input to the forum. The old school mantra of 'Give Respect, Get Respect' applies to all members of the forum. No member is held in any higher position than another. Our membership is broad, coming from right across the community, and of all ages. This forum is a politically neutral forum - our members are here and participate through the common interest of Aviation in Northern Ireland. Any comments that are deemed to be sectarian, political, or otherwise, will be IMMEDIATELY REMOVED from the forum. Sanctions WILL be imposed upon any member who is found to be engaged in the publishing of inappropriate comments.

    When posting information, as has been requested in the past by a number of members, please take a moment to use less technical terms. It only takes an extra second or two, to write something in English, as opposed to abbreviations, or technical terms. This improves participation of members, develops a vibrant, active community, and helps build the entire forum going forward. The use of technical terms does not signal any member out as more experienced, more advanced, or of a different group than anyone else. Please where possible, remember others when you write a post. Well known abbreviations such as BFS are of course fine, but using more technical terms that are not as common known only reduces the enjoyment and participation for all.

Thank you all for your continued involvement. We have a very vibrant forum, with lots of excellent contributions, that is really working to develop a thriving community, and a fantastic historical archive of aviation in Northern Ireland. Please, do keep up the good work!

The Moderation Team.