Author Topic: Auto Gryo crash at Scampton Airshow departures day.  (Read 2326 times)

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Auto Gryo crash at Scampton Airshow departures day.
« on: September 11, 2017, 04:00:38 PM »
Incident involving an AutoGyro at Scampton today on departures day. It looks like it could be from Auto Gyro Displays, so it would be either G-DISP or G-ULUL, Auto Gyro displays were booked for Scampton this past weekend, and were at Portrush last weekend. No one is injured.

A civilian gyrocopter leaving RAF Scampton has been involved in an incident, officials have revealed.

The flying vehicle had been leaving the base after performing at the air show over the weekend.

The RAF have confirmed that no one has been injured although it is not yet clear exactly what happened.

Fuel and debris were left on the runway and two people were on board.

Scampton have released a statement

Edit: Doesn't actually look like one of AutoGyro Display's aircraft. This one is Red and Black going by pictures.
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