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Author Topic: Shorts design index numbers  (Read 765 times)

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Shorts design index numbers
« on: January 13, 2018, 02:10:19 PM »
Just a simple list of post-war Short Bros & Harland design numbers.  There were also a host of PD preliminary-design numbers.

It is possible that Canberra PR.Mk.9, Skeet and SkyEye fill-out the SC sequence but I haven't confirmed this.

The SD sequence might continue past 3, I presume FJX and 450 were allocated numbers but I've never seen them quoted.

SA.1YSturgeon PR.Mk.1
SA.2YSturgeon TT.Mk.2
SA.3 Projected naval jet fighter to N.7/46, Hawker Seahawk won
SA.5 Projected four-engined transport to 8/46, AW Apollo won
SA.7Projected training / light transport seaplane
SA.8Projected civil Shetland derivative with Nomad engines
SA.9Projected military assault glider to X.30/46

SB.1YSherpa, glider configuration
SB.2Sealand II with Leonides engines, one not completed as such
SB.3YSturgeon ASW variant
SB.4YSherpa, powered configuration
SB.5YWing-sweep testbed
SB.7YSealand III
SB.8Projected rigid-hub AOP helicopter to HR.144T, Fairey Ultralight won
SB.9YSturgeon TT.Mk.3

SC.1YVTOL flat-riser
SC.4YCanberra U.Mk.10 conversions
SC.6YCanberra U.Mk.14 conversions
SC.9YCanberra PR.Mk.9 XH132 converted to testbed

SD.1YCanberra PR.Mk.3 WE416 converted to launch SD.2
SD.3Y3-30 and 3-60 airliners

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