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Author Topic: Spotters eagerly awaiting superjumbo’s arrival at Manchester Airport  (Read 1524 times)

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Manchester Airport’s Runway Visitor Park is expecting huge numbers of spectators on September 1 to welcome the arrival of the world’s biggest airliner when it touches down for the first time. With Emirates preparing to land its Airbus A380 at the airport, members of the public have been informed that they can now purchase tickets for £12.00 to view the super jumbo’s arrival.

The iconic A380 Airbus- a 517-seat, double-decker aircraft, dubbed the ‘Super-Jumbo’- is due to land at Manchester Airport at 12:25, starting a daily scheduled service in what will be a world-first for a regional airport. The Runway Visitor Park will open at 08:00 on the day in order to accommodate the expected crowds.

Visitors arriving on foot or on public transportation will be able to enter the Park for free. Entry for cars will be by pre-booked ticket only, at £12 per car with up to five occupants. Tickets will be valid until 16:00, allowing the spectators to watch the A380’s departure at around 15:30.

Andrew Cornish, managing director of Manchester Airport, compared the arrival of the A380 with the final flight of the Concorde to Manchester. When Concorde made its final flight into Manchester in 2003, before going on permanent display in the Runway Visitor Park, 10,000 on-lookers greeted her arrival.

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Re: Spotters eagerly awaiting superjumbo’s arrival at Manchester Airport
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2010, 10:33:56 PM »
I'll be there! :D

But I'll not be going anywhere near that RVP! It faces into the sun until early evening!