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Lazy BBC Northern Ireland


Angry Turnip:
As per usual the lazy journalists at BBC Northern Ireland haven`t bothered to do their basic research about Northern Ireland Inventor Rex McCandless.
In the report on TV it claimed that one of his autogyro`s was used in the James Bond film You Only Live Twice,when most of us know it was one of Ken Wallis`s machines that featured in the movie.
They even showed a clip from the film with silly Sean sporting a daft flying helmet,probably to stop his wig flying off more than anything.

"Little Nellie" a Wallis WA-116 Agile,was the beastie in question,which could have easily been checked via our old chum google,but do the BBC bother? Nah,they think we won`t notice,nobody will care they think,but we did,and we do.

Ken Wallis even went to the trouble of crashing it at Newtownards in 1984 (I think ),thankfully without serious injury to himself.

Credit where credit is due BBC,but you got it wrong this time...


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