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It would seem after the announcement earlier that the new European 'Super' League is to go ahead in August I'm afraid that my support for Liverpool will be coming to an end. Absolutely disgusted, but in no way surprised, that money comes over the fans of the domestic league.

Can't help but wonder who's brilliant idea this was.

So far I haven't heard a single person/group in favour of the deal, even the clubs involved haven't said anything (that I've heard).
I think its up to the fans to vote with their wallets and hurt them were it counts, financially.

It'll be interesting to see how Klopp reacts given that he was against the idea of a 'Super' League a couple of years ago.

Angry Turnip:
I doubt it will come to anything, and it is really just about the top teams trying to get more money, and they are threatening to break away if they don`t get want they want.
There has been too much money involved in football for years, and other sports as well, it`s the boardroom of the clubs involved in this that have shown their true interests.

On a side note, I was very happy to see " The Miserable One " got his P45 today, he is a vile creature.

As a Man Utd fan I am 100% with you, I just can't get behind this.  Self governed league with Madrid owner as president and other owners as VP, that is a shambles.

I'd be ok if Utd were kicked out of the League and other cup competitions. The sad thing is it looks like the managers found out on the news like the rest of us. it's all about money, owners don't care about the sport.


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