Mig-23 crash at airshow in Michigan

Started by angry turnip, Aug 14, 2023, 05:52 PM

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angry turnip

Two pilots ejected safely and sustained minor injuries after they ejected from a Mig-23 at the Thunder Over Michigan Air Show.
Looks like a possible bird strike caused an engine failure, doubtless we shall find out in due course.
Something comes off the aircraft, but I think that might be the canopies coming away in the ejection sequence.



Good to know both pilots were not seriously hurt. Though I believe the Mig 23 is was only recently restored and was the only Airworthy one in the US?

angry turnip

Reg is N23UB, apparently the only privately operated Mig-23 in the world, the pilots experienced a sudden loss of power at low level.


angry turnip