Something going on near Glenarm

Started by angry turnip, Oct 19, 2023, 06:53 PM

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angry turnip

1845 Incident near Glenarm, Coast Guard heli from PIK in attendance, sweeping high ground with spotlights.
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Person missing in water. Police, Ambulance, 2 lifeboats and MHCG Helicopter dispatched, been going on for a few hours

Footage in tweet.

angry turnip

That was at around 1pm,at Glenarm Marina.I don`t think it`s connected. Thanks anyway. Sadly the person did not survive. RIP

This is on high ground behind me, between Glenarm and Ballygally.

1910 A lot of spotlights have appeared at the top of the high ground in last 5 mins, possibly mountain rescue
Seems like someone may have fallen, the heli has returned to base.

angry turnip

I found this, but doesn`t have much information...

Seems to be a search of an area around a farm on very difficult terrain and horrible weather conditions.


NI Emergency Response Vids made a further post saying someone had fallen from a cliff.

Absolutely terrible day in Glenarm.

angry turnip

I have found out what happened, but it would not be fair to post details up here.
Doubtless it will be on the news at some point.