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Ballyrobin Lodge

Started by sneaky_nikon, Oct 25, 2023, 12:47 AM

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Not sure if this is the right subsection, but if I wanted to have a weekend away from home with the missus, eat, drink and look at airyplanes would it be a decent enough spot?

angry turnip

I have only ate in it, and that was before the hotel part was added. I thought it was very expensive and small portions didn`t help.
They might be able to give you a room plan to see which would be best to see aircraft, but you might have to observe from the car park.


Carpark would do TBH. Just need to be out of the house for a couple of nights and thought it might be an interestin stay.


I'm not sure on the missus expectations/standards  ;D  but might be better off with something near the SSE in Belfast where you can either dander up to City or perhaps towards the retail end (if you really have to!).

Ballyrobin is grand for a stop for a cuppa but not sure I'd stay there tbh.


We live under the 04 approach so it would be a bit if a busman's holiday!  ;D

Mrs expectations are remarkably low given that one of my go-to night stops is a shepherds hut sans electricity or plumbing, but I digress.

It was a fleeting notion, just looking for somewhere to stay for a couple of nights that I haven't been to before with the possibility of playing about a bit with the camera. Overall it doesn't sound that hot, might look at something a little more "normal".

angry turnip

Some of the hotels around Dublin Airport would offer a good view of proceedings, however you may well get bored with all the Ryan`s and Aer Lingus buses.

I have considered to doing a trip to Prestwick, but it would have to be a fair weather operation, so maybe in Spring. Foot pax on ferry is reasonable, then hire car other side.


Last time I did an overnight to Prestwick the sole non scheduled movement was a Swiss 125. Put me off enough that I haven't been back in 20 years.


I'm heading to Ayr tomorrow for the day and staying at the Premier Inn beside Prestwick over night and I'm hoping to see some mil stuff if it's about . The ferry is expensive enough AT what about the bus that goes up it's either the Ulsterbus goldline or hannons pick you up either at the docks or Europa and its only around £40 . It does say its for Glasgow but it does drop off at Ayr I've been told as I was looking at it last year to go and buy a car over there.

Looks like I might be in luck. Info on another site seems to have a list of US and Canadian stuff on the ground along with a C--5 .

angry turnip

You look at other aviation websites ? Your traitor !  ;D