Russian Military Il-76 MD Crash

Started by angry turnip, Jan 24, 2024, 10:20 AM

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angry turnip

Russian Defence Ministry says an Il-76 military transport aircraft carrying 65 Ukrainian prisoners-of-war has crashed in the Belgorod region.
The ministry says six crew members and three attendants were also on board.

angry turnip

Came across a video of incident, which is now on BBC news website.You need to scroll down to see the video.
Quality is poor, but it looks very like the aircraft was shot down.

The video begins with the aircraft in a steep nose down attitude, then shortly after a large piece detaches from the fuselage.
After the aircraft crashes and explodes, the camera pans left, you can clearly see a puff of dark smoke,hanging in the sky,which looks like where a missile of some sort has hit the aircraft.