Mull Of Kintyre Chinook Crash Programme.

Started by angry turnip, Jan 27, 2024, 07:07 PM

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angry turnip

Some may be interested to know about a BBC TV programme to be shown Monday night.

Chinook: Zulu Delta 576 will be broadcast on BBC One Northern Ireland at 22:40 GMT on Mon 29 Jan
The accident happened  2nd June 1994,and resulted in the deaths of all twenty-five passengers and four crew on board.
Among the passengers were many of the United Kingdom's senior Northern Ireland intelligence experts.
One of whom was Desmond Conroy, who lived near us.


Just watched the first part - unbelievably emotional. I remember hearing about the crash when I was a kid, and saw the newspapers with all the victims faces. A bit chilling to see/hear more on this. We loved watching the choppers going over the house when young and we probably naively thought it was great for the pilots.

angry turnip

So far I think it`s been very sympathetically done; I think those of us of a certain vintage to remember the crash,will never forget it.
This programme is not just about the accident, I don`t want to say too much about it yet,for spoiler purposes,and I am interested in just how far the programme will go investigating the crash, as there was, and still are some very interesting theories about it.

A thing that struck me,was why have all your eggs in one basket ? Surely that`s never a good idea ? Also no mention yet of any of those on board raising questions as to the common sense of having them all in one aircraft, considering they were Intel experts, did none of them see this as not best practise to say the least?

Sabotage was ruled out early on,possibly too early on. No terror group ever claimed responsibilty,that could be explained by such a group not wishing to even hint they had people on the inside.
The lighthouse keeper`s wife`s testimony is interesting, it seems to suggest that there was an explosion of some sort, just before the Chinnook came down, again this seemed to be dismissed early on.

The second part is on next Monday 5th Feb.

I would ask anyone who comments on the crash to be respectful.


Yes it is a lot of high value resources all in one machine. I did pick up on the lighthouse lady comments and thought the same thing.

Part 2 already seems to be available on iPlayer but haven't watched it yet.

angry turnip

Well, 2nd part revealed some fairly shocking information--for those that may not have seen it yet I won`t spoil it.

It was interesting to note that none of the conspiracy theories where barely even mentioned, however that may be for a different programme altogether. this was really about the human cost,the closing of some ranks in the military, and the fight to get the pilots names cleared.

If there is any interest in discussing some of the more credible conspiracy theories, I feel that would be better
placed in the closed military section.
This incident and the resulting enquiries is something that has interested me,especially as I knew one of the people that was lost.


I remember seeing this chopper fly over as it left Aldergrove. Then that evening heard the news of the crash. Awful