Ards Airshow 1992

Started by casper, Sep 05, 2023, 10:37 AM

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Came across this. Short but still lovely footage.


Lovely - if anyone has any old footage on VHS or 8mm these folks are building a library of old N.I content.

angry turnip

That was the one Ards show I missed, interesting to see how low the aircraft are, compared to what we have now.
A few dodgy shell suits and haircuts in the crowd.
The air shows at Newtownards were great, loads of stuff from Duxford, and even the USAF joined in a few times.

I have at least 2 of the shows on video, some in Shaky-Scope lol but I managed to get most of the aircraft displays including the MATS Lockheed C-121A Constellation N494TW which once belonged to John Travolta.
I think that was the 1998 show, as the Connie was doing a European Tour.

I always meant to get them transferred to DVD, but never actually got around to it.


Those were the days!  I hate to say it, but things in general were so much simpler back then! ;)