Top Guns: Inside the RAF

Started by angry turnip, Sep 05, 2023, 12:52 PM

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angry turnip

Has anyone been watching this programme on Channel 4 ? Fairly interesting so far, dealing with Lossiemouth Typhoon  Sqn`s and P-8 Poseidon Sqn. Also some parts about RAF Akrotiri.

The main thing I have noticed in it, is the general lack of discipline, senior officers calling junior officers " mate " etc, really sloppy attitudes, also the very obvious influence of the Yanks way to do things.

I am probably being picky,lol. I noticed the sequence when a junior pilot was flying with the CO in a protect your wingman practise, the junior pilot made a mistake,the aircraft went below their set base height, he called " Knock It Off, Knock it Off" which is US style, in the past RAF pilots would have said " Break Off "
Also I don`t like those US style burger-van side caps they now use instead of the more stylish visor cap.
I know they had them during WWII, but they look awful


Maybe it's the RAF's way of appealing to a new generation of possible recruits, not that they should be changing things.

The RAF is the RAF and the Yanks are the Yanks lol.