Missing USAF F-35

Started by angry turnip, Sep 18, 2023, 01:47 PM

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angry turnip

This is a strange one, apparently the USAF is asking for public help after one of it`s F-35`s crashed after it developed a fault, which led to the pilot ejecting.
They can`t find the wreckage, you would think the pilot and his wingman would have some idea where it went down.
Perhaps this is a drummed up story to make the F-35 look good. It`s so stealthy they can`t find it if it crashes  lol.



Its been found tonight apparently, in a field.

Surely a farmer would have noticed a multi-million dollar aircraft crashed in a field?

angry turnip


A longer version of the 911 call.

Poor dispatcher really didn't have a clue, probably thought she'd heard everything until that day.