Portrush Airshow - Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th September 2024

Started by TCX49, Oct 14, 2023, 02:59 PM

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Don't get your hopes up. It's more of a family day than air enthusiasts day. I will be surprised if the exciting thing is anything decent.


Yes, sadly 2014/2015 was the last years of the enthuisist airshow at sea-side shows. All have moved to a family based show. Understandable with it being a local council show trying to bring people to the area and that will always be a key focus but they seem to completely forget about enthuisists as we are a small number at sea-side shows compared to day trip famailies.

angry turnip

I have to disagree that enthusiasts are a small number at seaside airshows.Joe Public / families want to see much the same thing as the rest of us, something exciting and interesting.
Shows at Newtownards used to pull in 30,000 to 50,000 every year,depending on weather, and all had to pay in.
Fair enough you will sometimes get people leaving after the main attraction has done their bit, ie The Red Arrows or the Typhoon, but I would say it`s less than 30%.

It`s organiser`s of the shows that have ruined them,claiming to make them more family orientated. All they are doing is booking cheap and less exciting aircraft and displays, they spend too much on bringing in ground attractions,people are bored with that.
Public and enthusiasts alike want jets, a few warbirds,maybe a large transport and a decent display team or two, not specks on the horizon, or the same dull aircraft year after year.

As I see it the bulk of the shows budget should be spent on interesting aircraft displays, then more people will come.Try and do it on the cheap, people will get bored quickly and leave, or not even bother going.
A 3 or 4 hour show would be better, rather than trying to stretch it out for 5 to 6 hrs with yet another pass by an autogyro or some other futt-futt you can see at any local flying club.


Yes sorry, probably badly worded on my behalf, we are a minority in the eyes of the council who organise it and not the key target.

Even the likes of Cosford now seem to have moved to a more family orientated show since Peter Reoch left the Flight director position.

I'll probably end up going to one of the days just for  day out but Duxford the following week is far more appealing and that's even with nothing announced yet as its a proper enthusists show.


Team Raven have self confirmed on their 2024 schedule


Team Raven no longer have Portrush on their schedule. They are in Spain that weekend instead.