Frecce Tricolori Crash

Started by sneaky_nikon, Sep 16, 2023, 06:00 PM

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First reports of a crash involving Frecce Tricolori at a display in Turin. Pilot ejected and safe but casualties on the ground allegedly.

angry turnip

A child was killed and another badly injured. I found a video of the incident.

The team were to carry out a rehearsal for the show on Sunday. They had taken off and are in two groups of four and five, the far right of the group of five suddenly drops away, looks like sudden loss of power, engine failure or bird-strike perhaps ? Pilot ejected, but the aircraft exploded on impact, then crashed through a fence into a road.

UPDATE- The aircraft wreckage hit a car just outside, passing the perimeter fence, causing the fatality and injuries to a family.

Very very sad, a complete freak accident-doubtless the usual suspects in the media will have a field day with this.


Grim. I last saw them in Bray, very different display from the Reds or PdF.

angry turnip

Translation of RAI Uno news report...

A plane of the Frecce Tricolori crashes in Turin, dead 5-year-old girl
The pilot jumped with the parachute while the vehicle crashed to the side of the track involving an entire family. Another incident had already occurred during the day. Canceled tomorrow's show and tonight's concert

A five-year-old girl died today in the crash of the Freccia Tricolore near Turin-Caselle airport. His 9-year-old brother was serious, suffering burns all over his body. The parents of the children and the pilot were also injured, but no one would be in danger of life. The aircraft hit the bottom of the runway involving, according to initial reports, a car. The aircraft crashed near Caselle airport for problems still to be clarified, perhaps an impact with some birds. The pilot saved himself by jumping with the parachute, but suffered burns and was hospitalized, in code yellow.

Another incident had already occurred today at the Aero Club of Turin, where the event called for the centenary of the Air Force began, in which the Frecce tricolori would take part tomorrow. An aircraft on landing went off the runway and overturned. According to initial reports, the pilots were unharmed and there were no consequences even among the spectators. The cycle of performances was interrupted for some time. The fire brigade intervened on the spot.

"Following the tragic accident at Turin Caselle airport, the air show for the centenary of the Italian Air Force at Turin Aeritalia airport is cancelled. The Pink Sound concert scheduled for tonight is also canceled". This was announced in a note by Aeroclub Torino. "The president of the Aeroclub Torino, Alberto Bannino, on behalf of the entire organization and the board of the Aeroclub, expresses condolences and closeness to the family involved and participates in mourning for the victims", concludes the note.


Wonder was it one of the cars that pass at the start of the video. Very sad indeed.